Make Sure Snow Removal Is Done Right on Your Commercial Roof

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Commercial roofing, as you know, is a significant investment. In a lot of ways, your roof is quite rugged; however, in other ways, it can be quite fragile. Commercial roofs really aren’t made for a lot of foot traffic and can be easily damaged by too much weight, and can also be punctured and scratched quite easily as well.

One of the most common ways that people unintentionally damage their own commercial roofing in Springfield, MA is by improperly removing snow. People think of the process as being roughly the same as removing snow from a driveway or sidewalk, and so they just attempt to shovel all the snow right off. However, the blade of the shovel ends up doing serious damage to the roofing, and then the roof ends up with all sorts of little leaks all over the place.

When you remove snow from a commercial roof, you actually have to leave a thin layer of snow behind. If you remove it all, it’s all but inevitable you’ll damage the roof membrane. We recommend hiring experts at clearing commercial roofing. If you hire just any old handyman or a less-than-reputable company to do the job, they’re likely to make the same mistake everyone makes and try to clear all the snow, which will leave you with deep scratches and punctures in your roof, which will then require more extensive work to patch. We’ve seen people cost themselves tens of thousands of dollars this way.

Benefits of hiring a professional for snow removal

When you hire a commercial roofing professional to clear snow from your roof, they take a variety of additional precautions that your everyday handyman does not, including:

  • Pre- and post-cleaning inspection
  • Training all employees in the best cleaning and safety techniques
  • The protection of awnings, sidewalks and other property that is within the area where the cleared snow will fall
  • Use of specialized tools designed to clear snow without getting too close to the surface of your roof
  • A manager overseeing the work, guaranteeing the safety of all involved and heading off any problems before they arise

Any company that goes the extra mile will do their best to keep the cleared snow from packing your drains or gutters. Additionally, if they’ve done any damage or nicked your roof anywhere, they’ll repair the damage upon post-cleaning inspection to prevent potential leaks.

Another benefit is that everyone your commercial roofing cleaner brings onto the job site will have extensive experience working on commercial roofing in snowy and icy conditions. This means no one is likely to get hurt. And if anything does happen, a reputable commercial roofing contractor will be insured, so you won’t be liable like you would be if you did it yourself or hired a Craigslist handyman.

Find great help with commercial roofing in Springfield, MA

When you take all of these factors into consideration, it should be obvious that hiring a professional to clear snow from your commercial roof can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and expenditure down the line. When you hire a reputable company like R & H Roofing to clear your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA of snow, you know it will be done quickly and safely and won’t cause you any unnecessary headaches in the future. When the snow hits this winter, give us a call. We’ve been in business for over thirty years, and have an impeccable reputation for satisfying our customers and for standing behind our work. Give us a call anytime!

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