Ask Roofing Contractors in Springfield, MA: What Should I Do About a Leaky Roof?

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Drip, drip, drip… That’s the soundtrack to your panic as you realize the roof on your commercial building is leaking during a big rainstorm. Sure, it will be fine once the rain stops, but what do you do now? Ignoring the leak during the storm could cause a gush of water to enter the facility, which could damage valuable products or equipment. You can prevent the leak from causing any more damage by following these steps from roofing contractors in Springfield, MA when there’s a leak in your commercial building.

Minimize interior damage

Clear the area of employees, customers, equipment, supplies and furniture as soon as you notice there is a leak to prevent the water from causing any damage. Any items that can’t immediately be moved should be covered with plastic. Then, place a bucket or plastic barrel directly underneath the leak to keep it from collecting on the floor.

Find the point of entry

Usually, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the location of the leak when the storm is still raging outside. It can become a lot more difficult to identify once the storm has passed and the area has dried. Mark the location of the leak with a piece of tape on the ceiling or the floor. This will help you identify the exact location of the leak just in case you can’t get the insurance agent or roofing contractor out until a later date.

Identify other leaks

Once the first leak has been taken care of, it’s time to seek out others. Unfortunately, if there’s one leak, there are usually others somewhere in the building. Take a walk around the building in search of any warning signs of a leaky roof. Watch out for puddles of water on the floor and staining on the floor or the ceiling. Mark any leaks you find and show them to your roofing contractors in Springfield, MA.

Call your insurance company

Let your insurance agency know as soon as possible if your building has sustained any internal or roof damage. Your insurance policy could cover the interior damage from the leaking roof in addition to the repair costs. They will likely require an estimated repair cost from a qualified roofing contractor.

Call reliable roofing contractors in Springfield, MA

Now, let’s get that leaky roof fixed! Contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to have them assess the roof and provide an estimated cost of repairs. A professional contractor will perform a thorough inspection of the areas where the leaks are located and the roof itself to determine the cause of the problem and identify any necessary repairs based on the severity of the damage.

Water damage can be devastating for a business. Not only can it destroy supplies, but it can also cause structural damage and mold. Contact the professional roofing contractors in Springfield, MA at R & H Roofing today to take care of the problem immediately. We have 30 years of experience in the industry and are prepared to help you get your roof back in order!

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