Standing Seam vs. Concealed Fastener Systems

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There’s no longer any question that metal roofing in Springfield, MA is the superior roofing option compared to other traditional roofing materials, but there are other choices you need to make when it comes to metal roofing styles and installation. One such option is whether to choose standing seam vs. concealed fastener systems. If you don’t know what either of those terms means, that’s okay. We’re going to give you a quick overview of these two systems and then dive into the pros and cons of each. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

What’s the difference?

Concealed fastener systems: When comparing standing seam and concealed fastener roofing systems, the difference is in the installation. Concealed fastener systems use interlocking, rippled metal sheets that are overlapped and fastened directly to the roof sheathing using thousands of nails or screws. The fasteners must be spaced correctly and, in order to maintain the integrity of the roof and avoid leaks, the nails must be driven through rubber grommets.

Standing seam: Unlike concealed fastener systems, standing seam metal roofing panels are made of interlocking metal panels that run the entire length of the roof. The metal is held down with clips that are underneath the metal panels and then a special crimping tool is used to crimp down and lock the seams.


Now that we understand the difference between these two metal roofing systems, let’s talk about cost. Standing seam roofing systems do cost more. The installation process is much more involved and requires that your contractor not only have experience in installing metal roofing in Springfield, MA, but that he also has the unique expertise for installing standing seam systems.


Standing seam systems are more attractive aesthetically. In fact, standing seams are often the preferred option for residential buildings because of their clean lines and design versatility. While concealed fastener systems don’t look bad, you just won’t get the same cohesive look that a standing seam system provides.


If looks are not a deal-breaker for you, it’s important that you know that a standing seam roofing system is also more durable than a concealed fastener system. First, concealed fastener systems require that a lower grade of metal be used so that nails can be driven through the metal with ease. Standing seam systems don’t have to be penetrated by a nail or screw for installation, so they typically have a stronger metal to begin with. Second, having thousands of screws penetrating your roof can hurt the integrity of the roof and even become the source of leaks over time.

If you are looking to install metal roofing for your commercial or residential building, then standing seam should be your system of choice. Although it may cost more upfront, you’ll find that it looks better and lasts longer than a concealed fastener system. For standing seam metal roofing installation in Springfield, be sure to call R & H Roofing. We specialize in installing standing seam metal roofing in Springfield, MA!

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