Thinking of Investing in Solar Panels? Here’s What to Consider When Adding Solar to Your Commercial Roof

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As a premier roofing company in Springfield, MA, R & H Roofing hears a lot of questions about solar panels from our commercial clients. The cost of making and installing them is dropping, and even in snowy states, solar energy is a viable alternative. The benefits are obvious—lower your electricity bill and use clean energy. Before you’re ready to go, you’ll want to answer these questions before investing in solar panels:

  • How much of the sun’s rays does your roof get? This may seem simple, but solar panels don’t work as well without the sun. Nearby buildings and trees may interfere with the sunlight reaching your solar panels. We’re one of the roofing companies in Springfield, MA who can help evaluate how much sun you’ll get and the best place(s) to put the solar panels.
  • Can your roof support solar panel installation? Older roofs may not be built strong enough to support solar panels. If they’re installed on an unstable roof, they can cause structural damage and leaks. Solar panels are heavy. On average, each roof panel will add about 40 pounds of weight to your roof. A roofing company in Springfield, MA can test your roof—we even offer free consultations to help determine your commercial roofing needs.
  • How long will your roof last? Not only does your roof need to be strong enough for solar panels, it needs to be durable. That’s because the longer your roof lasts, the more savings you’ll get from your solar panels. A roof that will likely need to be repaired in a couple years will require the extra cost of professional removal and reinstallation of the solar panels.
  • Which type of roof does your building have? This has more to do with what the structure of your roof looks like. Ideally, the roof will be flat, with exposure to the south and with enough free space for the solar panels.
  • How are the solar panels going to be attached? This is more of a question to be answered by professionals. For most commercial buildings, there are two options. A ballasted system is attached with only a few ties and uses weight to keep it in place. The more common approach now is a mechanically attached system. This uses multiple anchor clips to keep the solar panels in place. The mechanically attached system doesn’t affect your roof’s integrity and offers more protection from the weather.
  • What are the rules on solar energy? States, cities and neighborhoods may have different rules about solar panels. You’ll want to investigate the regulations around them to make sure you aren’t violating any building codes. R & H Roofing is experienced at guiding commercial businesses through any red tape associated with state and local permitting. Finally, there may also be tax breaks and other benefits from federal and state government agencies that would be worth exploring.

All of the above questions can be answered by trusted roofing professionals. R & H Roofing has 70 years of combined experience as a roofing company in Springfield, MA. Solar power is a growing energy alternative, and we can answer your questions. We offer free consultations and a detailed written proposal for your commercial roofing needs. Give us a call to get started!

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