Four Common Rain Gutter Repairs

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When it comes to roofing maintenance, people often forget to check the integrity of their building’s rain gutters. However, the roof is a part of your overall drainage system, as it all works together to remove water and moisture from the roof, so if you neglect your gutters, they are bound to weaken, crack and clog. Here are the most common types of rain gutter repairs roofing contractors in Springfield, MA receive calls about.

Missing or damaged gutters

Because harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and high winds can wreak havoc on your building’s gutters, it’s not completely out of the question for gutters to become loose or end up missing during storms. Tree branches that are too close to your building can snag on gutters, pulling them from the structure, and can even tear off sections of the roof in the process. But snagged branches are not the only cause of structural damage. Once gutters loosen or disappear, the roof and your building’s siding may fall victim to water damage. Water won’t have controlled direction, so it will spill down the siding and may even destroy your landscaping.

Water leaks

As tough as your gutter material may be, extended exposure to sunlight and rough weather over time can cause gutters to crack. Cracks in gutters lead to leaks. The simplest way to figure out if your gutters are leaking is to use a hose to spray water onto your building’s roof. Let the water collect in the gutters, then check for leaks. Seamless gutters stand up better with age, while other gutter systems may begin to leak at their seams as they get older. Minor cracks can be patched, but large holes or cracks may call for rain gutter replacement. Contact a commercial or industrial gutter professional for new gutter options.

Clogged gutter system

If your gutters and downspouts are full of leaves, tree pollen and other debris, then they cannot do their job. They can also clog up due to mold or vegetation growth, and ice dam formations can cause all sorts of gutter issues. To prevent clogs and damage, plan on clearing out your gutters before and after each rainy season. Perform this task when leaves and debris are dry enough to remove by hand or with a leaf blower. Finish with a rinse from the hose or use a gutter cleaning tool to improve drainage.

Damaged downspouts

Just like the downspouts on your home’s gutters, commercial downspouts send the water from the gutters to runoff areas on the ground. Unfortunately, damaged or misdirected downspouts can direct water to the foundation of your building or landscaping instead of away from it. This can lead to future foundation problems, including costly water damage to the inside of the building, and may even require foundation replacement. Talk to an expert in roofing solutions to repair or replace damaged downspouts as soon as possible.

If you notice a problem with your commercial or industrial roofing system, don’t ignore it. Call the team at R & H Roofing to speak with one of our knowledgeable roofing contractors in Springfield, MA!

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