Leaks and Your Commercial Roofing in Springfield, MA

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A sound roof is essential for smooth, successful commercial operations. A leak in your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA can spell disaster for your business. That’s why business owners must be able to spot leaks right away and take the appropriate steps to prevent further damage.

Are you on alert for leaks? Do you know what to look for? Use the following guide to educate yourself on roofing issues and effectively protect your property.

Spotting Leaks

If you can spot a leak early, you can prevent further damage. Unchecked leaks only get worse. Look for these signs that your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA is suffering from one or more leaks:

  • Interior stains: Look for discolored areas in the ceilings and walls. This occurs after exposure to water. The stain may run down the wall or spread out over the ceiling, depending on the size and positioning of the leak.
  • Unpleasant aromas: Do you smell foul odors in your building? If the roof is allowing moisture to enter your property, mold and mildew will grow. These produce foul smells that can drift throughout the building.
  • Increased expenses: Have you noticed that your utility bills have gotten higher? This may be due to more than cost-of-living increases or inflation. Holes in your roof decrease insulation. Your HVAC system must work harder in summer and winter to keep your building comfortable. As a result, you’ll see higher energy bills.
  • Visible damage: Commercial property owners should inspect their roofs regularly. If you notice any cracking, peeling, missing tiles or other visible damage, your roof is in danger of allowing moisture into your building. To prevent leaks or worsening damage, contact a service for repairs to your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA right away.

Next Steps

If you’ve spotted one of these red flags, what should you do next? To protect your property and the assets within, take the following next steps:

  • Damage control: If you discover a leak in your roof, take steps to avoid further damage to your property. Track where moisture is entering the building and remove anything that could be damaged in its path, such as products or furniture.
  • Immediate call: Don’t hesitate to make repairs to your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA. If you wait, the problem will only worsen. To save time, money and headache in the long run, act immediately.
  • Professional repairs: Your best course of immediate action is to call for a professional to handle your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA. They have the proper knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure your repairs are done right the first time.
  • Regular inspections: Once your repairs are complete, keep an eye on your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA. Perform regular inspections of your roof to catch future leaks as early as possible.
  • Continued maintenance: Partner with experts in commercial roofing in Springfield, MA for ongoing maintenance and inspections of your roof. This will help extend the longevity of your roofing investment.

Partner with the Pros

To keep your commercial roofing in Springfield, MA in top condition, partner with the experts at R & H Roofing. We offer in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to deliver world-class service every time.

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