How the Summer Heat Can Affect Your EPDM Roofing in Springfield, MA

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Summer is here. That means hot days and warm evenings. It means harsh sunlight shining down on your roof for long hours each day. It means being aware of how the summer heat affects your EPDM roofing in Springfield, MA.

What can you do to prevent damage? First, you should be familiar with how the summer heat does or does not affect your roof. Then, you can take steps to counteract the hot summer rays. Here’s the scoop.

EPDM Roofing

Is your building topped with EPDM roofing? Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber. This roofing membrane is highly durable and frequently favored by property owners for its many advantages.

EPDM and Energy

One of the main advantages of EPDM roofing in Springfield, MA is the energy efficiency it offers. While other roofs absorb the hot sunlight and cause the building to heat up inside, an EPDM roof reflects the sun’s heat. Since less heat is being brought into the building, less energy is required to keep the interior cool. Property owners save money on utility bills and HVAC maintenance and repairs.

EPDM and Heat

Roofs that absorb heat and quickly increase in temperature are more likely to break down as a result of the harsh sunlight. The heat speeds up the deterioration process and reduces the lifespan of the roof. Due to its reflective nature, EPDM roofing stands up under the summer sun better.

EPDM and Fading

If you’ve ever placed a rug or piece of furniture in direct sunlight for a long period of time, you’ve seen how the sun’s rays can make the material fade. The same is true for roofing. However, EPDM roofing material reflects the heat and therefore resists fading and other sun damage.

EPDM and Pricing

If you’re pricing various roofing options for your commercial building, you will probably find that EPDM roofing is not your cheapest choice. However, it may still be the most economical. Because it offers energy efficiency and is usually easy and inexpensive to repair, it may cost you less in the long run than other roofing types.

EPDM and Cooling

To keep your roof even cooler this summer, consider one or more cooling options. A roof mist cooling system can be used to spray water across the roof. As the water evaporates, it cools the roof. A rooftop garden can also keep your roof and building cooler. These offer shade from direct sunlight and reduce the surface temperature through evaporation and transpiration. They can also offer a natural retreat for customers or employees in the midst of an urban setting.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about EPDM roofing in Springfield, MA? The professionals at R & H Roofing are ready to answer any questions you have about this and other roofing products. We’ve been a go-to source for commercial and industrial roofing in the area since 1987. Contact us today with all your roofing needs. We look forward to partnering with you to protect your business with top-quality roofing materials.

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