Reduce Falling and Other Injuries Using These Safety Tips

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Everyone’s seen commercial roofers up on rooftops, putting in some hours. Whether it’s some light work or heavy duty commercial roof repair in Springfield, MA, these guys work hard to get the job done right. As you can imagine, this work isn’t exactly safe. The good news is that OSHA has guidelines for work safety that ensure roofers are able to stay as safe as possible. As we all know, though, accidents can happen when you least expect them. While nobody can totally prevent accidents from happening, the information in this post should help reduce accidents during your next job.

Wear a harness

The easiest way to stay safe during a roofing job is to put on a harness. A properly worn harness could save your life, even in the event of a minor accident. The important thing to remember is that a half-body harness won’t do the job. A harness that holds you up by the waist will prevent you from falling off the roof, which is obviously important, but it won’t stop you from banging your upper body or head on the roof. Instead, invest in a full body harness. Full body harnesses cost a bit more than waist harnesses, but the added safety is well worth the cost!

Buy the right ladder

The only way to get up onto your roof besides going up a stairwell is the classic ladder. Now, you may be thinking “a ladder is a ladder.” While that may be true from a homeowner with a ladder that he uses for improvement projects, that’s not the case for a commercial roofer! Professional roofers working on commercial buildings really need to consider the type of ladder they’re about to climb.

Though inexpensive and durable, using an aluminum ladder might not be your best bet. The structural integrity of an aluminum ladder can be greatly compromised as soon as it’s dented. Instead of using an aluminum ladder for your projects, consider using a ladder made of fiberglass. They’re more expensive, but they’re more difficult to damage, and thus last longer. Additionally, they don’t conduct electricity, which is a major plus for anyone working around power lines.

Wear the right shoes

Nobody would ever show up to the worksite in a pair of flip-flops. That’s just common sense. But just because you’re wearing a pair of work boots doesn’t mean you have the right footwear for the job. Roof work necessitates special work boots that have extra grip to ensure you don’t tumble off the pitch, even if you do have a harness. Any business owners considering DIY roof repairs should consult a professional regarding shoes before climbing up that ladder!

Don’t try to do it yourself the next time you need commercial roof repair in Springfield, MA—it’s too dangerous! Instead, hire the professionals at R & H Roofing. Whether you need a quick inspection or a full roof replacement, we’re you’re number one choice for a roofer. Give us a call today to get a quote for any of your roofing needs!

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