Problems That Can Take a Toll on Your Metal Roof in Springfield, MA

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Commercial roofs are designed to deliver exceptional longevity and performance, but even the most durable roofing materials are susceptible to damage over time. As the years go by, chances are your metal roof will begin to develop some problems that require professional attention and care. When this happens, it’s essential to handle repair proactively so that you can get your metal roof in Springfield, MA back into the best condition possible:

  • Rust: Rust and corrosion are common issues for metal roofing in Springfield, MA, especially following stormy weather or high humidity levels. Rust often starts out small, but it can quickly expand and cover your metal roof with a reddish flakey coating. Most metal roofs are treated with products that are designed to prevent rust development, but even treated roofs can be vulnerable to rust over time. You should look for rust during semi-annual roof inspections and add a rust inhibitor as necessary to prevent future development.
  • Roof puncturing: When people frequently walk on your roof to conduct inspections or repairs, it increases the likelihood that your roof will be punctured. Punctures typically develop in the areas where your roof gets the most foot traffic, and they can weaken the structure of your roof significantly if they aren’t repaired right away. If someone has to get on your roof to repair or inspect it, they should take care to avoid dragging equipment or placing too much weight on weaker parts of your roof.
  • Mixed metals: Roofing systems are designed to deliver consistent performance with a single type of metal, so it’s not usually a good idea to mix various different metals into a single roof. Depending on the type of metal panels that you mix and match, you might experience issues with uneven wear and incompatibility that take a toll on the performance of your roof.
  • Damaged fasteners: Fasteners keep your metal roofing panels attached securely to your roof. If these fasteners are damaged or begin to wear down, your roof panels might come loose and leave your roof susceptible to water damage and other issues. A technician who specializes in metal roofing in Springfield, MA can identify damaged fasteners during a regular roofing inspection and replace these parts when necessary to keep your roof protected against all of the elements the forecast brings throughout the year.

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