How to Restore a Commercial Metal Roof

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If you have metal roofing in Springfield, MA covering your commercial or industrial building, you may be wondering what you can do when the roof begins to show signs of degradation. While metal roofing is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most durable roofing materials available, it’s still susceptible to rust, corrosion and other forms of damage. Thankfully, however, it is often possible to restore a metal roof without having to replace it outright.

You’ll have to work with a contractor specializing in metal roofs in Springfield, MA to restore your industrial building’s metal roof. The contractor will need to know the age of the roof, the type of degradation that you’re seeing, the place the roof was purchased from, the slope of the roof, the roof’s original color and a number of other essential facts. Once you’ve gone over the roof’s history with the contractor, they can begin the restoration process.

Restoring a metal roof is a cost-effective, albeit somewhat involved process that usually includes the following:

  • Stop the leakage: First of all, you’ll have to address any leaks that are occurring. You’ll have to identify any panels that have large holes and replace them. Extensive rust damage may make some panels thin enough that they’ll also need replacement. It’s better to replace damaged panels preemptively, even if they’re not leaking yet.
  • Examine and address insulation: Once damaged roof paneling is dealt with, it’s time to take a look at the insulation. If any of the insulation is water-damaged, you should replace it immediately. Replacing the roofing itself does very little good if the insulation is already an issue.
  • Remove rust: Next, you’ll have to remove any rust that’s on the remaining roofing panels. Rust should never just be painted over—even when sealed, rust will continue to eat away at your metal roofing in Springfield, MA. Using a sander and abrasive chemicals, your roofing contractor will remove the rust from the metal panels.
  • Prepare the surface: The entire surface of the roof should be carefully cleaned and prepared using a rust-inhibiting coat. It’s usually advisable to grind or sand down the top layer of the roofing panels to remove any ground-in dirt and debris. If the surface isn’t completely clean, the final coating won’t bond correctly.
  • Coat and paint: Finally, it’s time to prime and paint your metal roof in Springfield, MA. Always allow the primer to dry completely prior to applying the final coat of paint. Use a specially formulated sealing paint designed for use on metal or on metal roofs. Water-based coatings are usually the best option.

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