Four Common Causes of Problems with Commercial Roofs

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Commercial roofing solutions often perform double duties. Rather than just protecting your commercial building’s interior from the rigors of the outside world, they’re also often used as storage space for mechanical components that are essential to your building’s successful operation. Most commercial roofs host everything from the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to its hot water heater.

There are a lot of adverse conditions that can cause problems with your commercial building’s roofing system. Unfortunately, many business owners choose to overlook or ignore their roof’s health. After all, it’s challenging and demanding to run a business, and if your roof isn’t actively leaking or collapsing, you’re unlikely to spare it a second thought. This is a fatal mistake for many business owners.

It’s always far better to address potential issues with your roof before they become serious conditions. Commercial roof repair in Springfield, MA is much more cost-effective when it’s sought out preemptively, rather than after it becomes an undeniable necessity.

Knowing how to understand and recognize common problems that impact commercial roofs can help you make informed decisions about roof care at your business. Here are just some of the most common issues you’re likely to encounter with your business’s commercial roofing:

  • Age: Commercial roofs tend to last longer than residential roofs, but they still have a life expectancy. The longevity of your commercial roof is largely dependent on the type of material that it’s made from, as well as the amount of care you’ve exercised with it. If you believe that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may need more care or even replacement moving forward.
  • Accumulated debris: If lots of leaves, sticks and other types of debris begin to accumulate on top of your commercial roof, they can facilitate rapid deterioration. This is because many types of debris, particularly plant materials, can cause mold and fungus growth.
  • Mechanical contractors: If you’ve recently had a mechanical contracting team working on systems that are hosted on your roof, like HVAC or water heaters, you should call for a roof repair expert to come and take a look. It’s fairly common for mechanical contractors to accidentally damage commercial roofs while working on them.
  • Standing water: Pooling water on top of your commercial roof can lead to a wide range of potential issues, including leakage and mold growth. If there’s regularly standing water on top of your commercial roof, you should reach out to a company that provides commercial roof repair in Springfield, MA to talk about resurfacing it.

Since 1987, R & H Roofing, LLP has been a premier provider of commercial roof repair in Springfield, MA. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with high-quality commercial roofing expertise that they can rely on. If you’re experiencing trouble or concern with your commercial building’s roofing system, you should reach out to one of our highly qualified roofing experts. We’ll assist you with maintaining your roofing and ensuring that it remains in tip-top shape. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to providing dependable commercial roofing services!

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