Should I Replace My Roof or Seek Industrial Roof Repair in Springfield, MA?

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Repair or replace? This is a common conundrum for industrial building owners. Which is the better option in your situation? The answer depends on several factors. Use the following guide to determine whether you should seek industrial roof repair in Springfield, MA or invest in a new roof.

When to Repair

Some situations require only minor repairs to a roof. If the roof is made of shingles, and you lose a few in a storm, this typically requires only a minor industrial roof repair in Springfield, MA. You can contact a professional roofer to replace the missing shingles.

Keep in mind that this repair may result in patches of shingles that don’t match the rest of the roofline. Over time, shingles fade or discolor due to exposure. Brand-new shingles that are added to an existing roof are not likely to match current shingles perfectly. Because of this, you may want to consider roof replacement if you have several areas that need new shingles.

Patching to repair areas of the roof can also be appropriate to fix small leaks or other damage. However, this can result in the same aesthetic issues as a handful of new shingles. Additionally, if the damage is extensive, it is often more cost effective to replace the roof than attempt industrial roof repair in Springfield, MA.

When to Replace

Certain situations are cause for more than simple industrial roof repair in Springfield, MA. If you encounter any of the following circumstances, you should consider roof replacement:

  • Water damage: If you discover signs of moisture inside your building (peeling paint, mold, brown spots), the roof is no longer doing its job. Rather than attempt a patching job, you should go ahead and replace your entire roof.
  • Disasters: If your area is hit with a violent storm, your roof may suffer extensive damage. At this point, you may want to replace the roof. A professional can perform an inspection to determine the extent of the damage to see if you need a new roof.
  • Old age: Some roofs last for decades, while others offer shorter lifespans. If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, consider its style and age. If it’s more than 20 years old, it might be time to replace it.
  • Worn materials: In addition to the age of your roof, consider its materials. Slate roofs can last for 100 years. Metal roofs don’t. Asphalt shingles can last up to 50 years. Determine how long your roof has been in place to decide if, based on the materials used for construction, it is time to replace it.

We Have You Covered

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