Six Must-Know Facts About Metal Roofing for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

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A metal roof is a common choice for owners of commercial and industrial buildings, and for good reason. Not only do they look nice, they’re also durable, long-lasting and sustainable. Below are six key facts about metal roofing in Springfield, MA:

  • Metal roofs are energy efficient: Big buildings consume a lot of power from regular energy use—using lights, electrical outlets, air conditioners, heaters and more. If your business or operation is looking to lower its energy consumption, then consider investing in a metal roof. A high-quality, properly-installed metal roof over your business will help lower your monthly energy bills, especially during the hot summer months. They naturally reflect more sunlight to keep the inside of your building cooler in the summer so your air conditioner can take a break.
  • Metal roofs are made of sustainable materials: Of all the different types of roofing materials, metal is the most sustainable. Steel is 100 percent recyclable and made from a high percentage of recycled material. Steel remains strong through the recycling process many times over. Also, a white or light color and reflective coatings can block heat from entering your building, thus lowering your energy bills.
  • Metal roofing is unaffected by fire and more: Metal is a popular roofing option due to its imperviousness to fire, insect damage and rot. For starters, insects like termites cannot eat through metal, and metal is resistant to rot and mildew. If it snows where your business is located, know that your metal roof conducts heat from the sun. Snow is loosened and slides off more quickly than other roofing materials. Finally, metal material is highly rated in the roofing industry because it can protect buildings from wildfire and other fires.
  • Metal roofs hold strong in extreme weather: Do you deal with extreme weather where you’re located? A huge benefit of installing a metal roof is that it holds up in extreme weather conditions. Metal protects structures better from hail and ice dams, and dispatches snow quickly to keep water from backing up onto the roof and making its way to the inside. Since metal is heavy, when installed right, it’s safe from blowing off.
  • Metal roofs don’t attract lightning: Speaking of weather, although metal is a known conductor of electricity, metal roofs do not attract lightning. However, even though they don’t increase the risk of lightning strikes, they’re far less combustible if they do happen to get struck by lightning. Another reason metal roofs do not attract lightning is that lightning needs a path to the ground. This metal feature is only at the top of structures.
  • Metal roofs are not very noisy: You’d think that metal roofs are noisier than other kinds of roofing materials, like asphalt, when rain or hail falls, but they aren’t. The reason why is that metal roofing is typically installed over a solid substrate, and the attic and insulation acts as a sound barrier.

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