Don’t Ignore Roof Leaks in the Gymnasium

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Leaky roofs are never a situation to ignore. This is especially true when it comes to gymnasium roof repair in Springfield, MA. As the seasons shift from fall to winter, it’s crucial to ensure that your gymnasium roof is in good shape to take you through the school year. If you are dealing with a leaky gym roof, keep the following important considerations in mind:

  • Safety: How many students, parents, teachers and faculty are relying on the gymnasium roof? If leaks aren’t repaired right away, they will only worsen. A slight drip can quickly turn into a downfall which causes devastating structural damage. The safety issues are abundant. Water on the gym floor poses a slipping hazard. Crumbling structures threaten to collapse on those below. To protect the many people using the gym, it is crucial to make roof repairs right away.
  • Expenses: Not only is safety an issue with roof repairs, but future expenses are also a top concern. If a leak is discovered and repaired early, the damage will be minimal and the repairs will be more affordable. If the leak worsens and causes additional damage, the expense can grow exponentially. To keep your roofing repair budget to a minimum, don’t put off this project.
  • Professionals: Gymnasium roof repair in Springfield, MA is a big job. This project isn’t for just anyone. Be sure to partner with a licensed and insured contractor who can handle a large roof. This expert will have the knowledge, tools and experience to get the job done right and protect the safety of students and faculty.
  • Quote: The first step you should take for gymnasium roof repair in Springfield, MA is getting a quote from a professional roofing contractor. Once you have an estimated figure from the roofer, you can make efforts to pursue funding for the project.
  • Funding: With your quote in hand, you can take the next necessary steps to obtain funding for your gymnasium roof repair in Springfield, MA. Keep in mind that funding requests may take a while to receive approval, so don’t delay in starting this process. As you submit your request, be sure to stress the urgency of the project, reminding decision-makers that the project will only become more expensive with delays.
  • Community support: If you are struggling to find the funds for the repairs, consider looking to your local community. Crowdfunding efforts are a popular method of raising money. Encourage parents and other community members to pitch in to provide a safe place for school activities.

Don’t delay

If your gym needs a new roof, get started today. We can help. Since 1987, R & H Roofing, LLP has remained one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry. We specialize in commercial and industrial roofing and offer a wide variety of roofing systems. We also work with some of the leading manufacturers, including Firestone, Carlisle, Duro-Last and Garland. Contact us for a quote so we can get your gym in top shape for your community.

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