What You Need to Know About Snow Guards on Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs are becoming a popular option for many commercial and industrial property owners—they are durable and relatively easy to maintain. If they’re installed properly, they can last a very long time, making them an appealing option for property owners who are tired of dealing with shingles and roof replacement. However, there are some catches to this wonderful technology that’s always evolving. Roofing snow guards in Springfield, MA are something that many of our customers here at R & H Roofing, LLP should really be considering when they install metal roofs. There are a lot of good reasons for them to do this, and we’ve laid out some of the most pressing ones below.

Why snow guards?

Roofing snow guards in Springfield, MA are the first line of defense for customers battling winter weather on their roofs. They help mitigate the potential for a quick release of snow, especially where there might be pedestrian traffic. They help hold some of the snow on the roof, which sounds counterintuitive but actually does a great job of letting the snow run off slowly, rather than in one big avalanche that can cause property or personal damage. They should be a priority in any area that gets a lot of snow.

Informed clients are happy clients

It’s no secret that weather in New England can be brutal—the old joke is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes.” Winters can be especially harsh, and snow and ice on the roof can be a huge problem if you’re not careful. Property owners need to be informed about this risk, especially in areas of the country where snow is a regular and heavy occurrence. Roofing snow retention in Springfield, MA can be a real safety hazard if it isn’t properly addressed, so it’s your duty and responsibility to remain aware of ways to mitigate these concerns, including by installing snow guards.

Know the roof before you start

Good planning is key to any roofing job, and our seasoned team of professionals knows that preparation is absolutely vital. When it comes to snow guard installation, you really want to know the specs before you get started on a new project. Being aware of the pitch of the roof, the panel length from the ridge and the total length of the building are all great things to know before you get down to business. You should also call ahead and find out the snow load rating for the area where you’re going to be putting in the roof to better inform your process.

Roofing snow guards in Springfield, MA are a wise investment that all commercial property owners should be considering when it’s time for them to look into a new roof. At R & H Roofing, LLP, our team of roofing professionals is ready with the information that all customers are looking for, and we’d love to tell you more about how having a snow mitigation system in place on your commercial building will help save you a lot of money and headache over the long term. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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