How to Repair a Hole in a Metal Roof

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Metal roofs are designed to last for decades without needing to be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter some roofing troubles along the way. Holes forming over time is one of the most common issues we see with metal roofs.

Thankfully, figuring out how to repair roof punctures in Springfield, MA isn’t that difficult of a project—as long as you know what you’re doing! Continue reading to learn how to fix holes in your commercial metal roof:

  • Clean: Whether the hole was caused by rust formation, hail, a fallen tree limb or something else entirely, the roof will probably be pretty dirty. Your first step is to clean the area around the hole with a cleaning solution designed for metal. Neglecting this step could compromise the integrity of the repair patch.
  • Scuff: Next, use a wire brush to scuff the area where the repair will be made. Scuffing the surface will allow the sealant to form a tighter bond with the metal. Be sure to only scuff the area that needs to be patched, as excessive scuffing could remove the roof’s protective coating.
  • Measure and cut: Now that the metal is clean and scuffed, you’ll want to cut your chosen sheet metal to the appropriate size for the hole. The repair patch should overlap the roof by at least two inches past the damaged area. Round off the edges of your new patch to ensure ice or snow can’t get under them and cause rust.
  • Install: Apply a urethane sealant around the hole and press the new patch over the damaged area. The sealant should squeeze out from the edges of the new patch. If it doesn’t, the seal isn’t sufficiently airtight, meaning moisture could get in there and deteriorate the metal.
  • Secure: Sealant alone isn’t enough to hold your metal patch in place. Your next step in how to fix holes in a metal roof in Springfield, MA is to screw down the patch using pan head sheet metal screws. Space the screws every three to four inches around the patch for best results.

Don’t repair the hole by yourself!

Although knowing how to fix holes in a metal roof in Springfield, MA is important, we don’t recommend doing it yourself. Here are a few reasons to leave repairs to the pros:

  • Safety concerns: Performing any roof work can be dangerous, especially when you’re high up on a commercial building. Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, hire professional roofers to tackle the job for you.
  • Repair quality: Even after following all of the steps above, there’s no guarantee that your repair job will stand the test of time. When you hire professionals to fix your metal roof, you can rest easy knowing will get the job done right the first time.

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