What You Need to Know About Repairing an Old Roof

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Whether it’s due to old age, bad weather or a fallen limb, all roofs will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Hail, high winds, heavy snowfall and other nasty weather conditions are a few of the most common reasons for interlocking roof tile repair in Springfield, MA. Continue reading to learn everything else there is to know about repairing an old commercial roof.

Signs of damage

Besides getting up on your roof and seeing a hole, there are other indications that your roof is compromised. Inside your building, you may notice water stains on the ceilings or walls, indicating that there’s a leak somewhere up on the roof. You might also be missing some tiles or shingles—these should be replaced right away to avoid further complications. Additionally, pooling water on the ground could indicate gutter problems that should be looked into.

Repair or replace?

Deciding whether to make repairs or to go ahead and replace your entire roof isn’t always easy. Repairing your roof is the cheaper option, but if your roof is on the older side of things, replacement could be a better choice. Additionally, if the roof requires extensive repairs, choosing to replace it can actually be less expensive in the long run. While talking to your contractor about how to replace tiles on an old roof in Springfield, MA, see if he recommends replacing it instead.

It’s not a DIY job

It’s important to note that even small repairs are best performed by a professional. Adding new tiles to your roof may seem easy, but it can be a dangerous job. Additionally, you could make mistakes while performing DIY repairs, which might make the problem worse than it was before.

Preventing the need for repairs

The good news is that taking a few precautionary measures can nearly prevent the need for interlocking roof tile repair in Springfield, MA in the first place. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Look out for signs of damage: Knowing the signs of damage mentioned above and being proactive when you notice them are keys to success with your roof. As soon as you notice any issues, pick up the phone and call a pro to repair your roof. The longer you wait, the worse the damage is likely to be.
  • Perform visual inspections: Along with noting any signs of damage inside your building, it’s not a bad idea to get on your roof and perform a visual inspection. Things to look for include missing tiles, damaged flashing and mold growth. If anything seems amiss, reach out to a roofer.
  • Hire a professional: If you don’t feel comfortable getting up on your roof, no big deal! It’s important that someone performs those inspections, though. We recommend hiring a professional to inspect your roof for any damage at least once a year.

Choose our team to work on your roof

Look no further than R & H Roofing, LLP if you need any work performed on your commercial roof! In addition to knowing how to replace tiles on an old roof in Springfield, MA, we provide a variety of commercial roofing services. From inspections to replacement, we’re your go-to team for all of your roofing needs.

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