Five Ways Historic Building Roof Repair Requires Extra Attention

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All roof repairs require some special knowledge and skills. However, historic building roof repair involves additional unique considerations. Because of the differences in roof maintenance on historic buildings in Springfield, MA, these projects require extra attention. Following are five things you didn’t know about historic building roof repair that are crucial to keep in mind before you start your project.

Historic materials

While many materials used for the construction of historic roofs are still available today, it’s important to take into consideration what materials make up the historic roof. You may need to purchase special roofing materials or request custom construction of materials to match your needs. It may require some research to discover precisely what materials were used and where you can obtain these products today.

Modern additions

If you need to add modern amenities such as plumbing stacks or antennas, the placement of these structures must be carefully considered. You want to avoid future maintenance problems or aesthetic issues due to incompatibility with the historic features of the roof. Make additions as unobtrusive as possible and incorporate them into the design of the original roof. Use designs that are sensitive to the differences in roof maintenance on historic buildings.

Underlayment surprises

One of the things you likely didn’t know about historic building roof repair in Springfield, MA is the many surprises that may lie in wait underneath the various levels of roofing projects. Over the years, the roof configuration may have been changed. Some original materials may still be in place, and some remnants of more modern roofing projects may also be layered into the roof. Careful attention must be paid to these changes to ensure repairs are made appropriately and any historical characteristics are preserved, if desired.

Careful documentation

When completing historic building roof repair, it is crucial to keep records of all aspects of the project. Document the structure before, during and after repairs, using photographs and notes. Be sure to capture images of the eaves, flashing, chimney, gutters, valleys, dormers and ridges. Note any designs or patterns. Preserve this documentation for historical purposes and for reference when future repairs are needed.

Accurate dating

It might be tempting to date your historic building or roof based on the discovery of a specific material. However, use caution when dating. Keep in mind that the recycling of materials is not a modern innovation. Roof builders have been reusing materials for centuries. It is essential to analyze materials with the history of the building in mind. Establish a detailed timeline of previous repairs to get an accurate picture of the history of the roof and the building.

Learn more

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