How Often Should You Get a Commercial Roofing Inspection?

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The roof is one of the most important infrastructural components of any property, especially a commercial property, where you may have multiple tenants all under the same roof and relying on its structural integrity. Therefore, as the owner of a commercial building, it is crucial you invest the necessary time and money into regular commercial roofing inspections and maintenance in Springfield, MA. A failure to do so could result in much greater expenses down the road if it falls into disrepair and needs to be replaced earlier than would otherwise have been necessary.

The general rule is that you should have your roof inspected twice a year by a trusted local contractor. This will help you protect your investment and keep your building in good condition all year round. Two roof inspections each year means you give less time for leaks and damage to develop. Considering the sheer size of many commercial properties, having these inspections done regularly can help you avoid some massive, expensive issues.

What’s involved in a commercial roofing inspection?

If you have flat roofing on your property, you should not inspect it yourself. First, just because the roofing is flat does not mean it’s safe for just anyone to walk on. There might be some places on the roof that are not safe to walk on, which you may not know how to identify. But beyond the safety factor, you simply are not likely to have the expertise necessary to recognize signs of ponding, crazing, cracking or leaks, or how you should mark off specific areas for repair.

Roofing contractors, however, do this work all the time, and know exactly what to look for. In addition, they’ll be able to find these red flags much faster than you would, saving you a significant amount of time.

Trained roofers will look for signs of damage from various causes. Natural causes might lead to leaks in your roof, including blunt force from debris slamming into the surface, blockages forming in the interior drains and scuppers, ponding on top of the roof resulting in water wearing away at affected areas and a breakdown of the roofing materials from years of exposure to the sun.

Damage can also result from trade traffic. If you have workers who regularly come up on top of the roof to install or repair HVAC systems, manage and maintain solar panels or satellite dishes or do any work on signs, chimneys or other rooftop items and infrastructure, over time that regular traffic could wear out certain sections of the roof.

Finally, certain changes in the building could result in damage to the roof, including settling of the foundation, alterations to the design and possible thermal expansion, depending on the environment in which the building is located.

Considering all of these issues, it is important to have your commercial roof inspected a couple times a year. For more information about what to expect from these inspections and to get other roof maintenance tips in Springfield, MA, contact the team at R & H Roofing, LLP today.

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