Will Insurance Cover a Commercial Roof Replacement?

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It’s understandable to want to avoid replacing a roof in Springfield, MA as long as possible. But even if you stay on top of regular roofing inspections and maintenance, eventually you’re going to need to invest in the replacement. The question then becomes whether the replacement of your commercial roof will be covered under your insurance policy.

Factors to consider here will include the type of roof covering used and the type of damage that necessitated the roof replacement. In most cases, general wear and tear will not be covered under an insurance policy, but certain acts of nature or other unforeseeable causes of damage will.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about commercial property insurance and roofing coverage in Springfield, MA.

Your responsibilities

No matter what type of damage or what type of roofing materials you use, insurance companies will expect you to provide significant documentation, including before and after photos and any other information you can provide that will justify your claim.

You should also make sure you’re fully versed in your policy coverage. Regularly reviewing your policy will help you determine what exactly will qualify you for roof replacement or repairs covered by insurance. If your roof is on the newer side, you’re going to be more likely to get reimbursed, because this means the cause of the damage is not nearly as likely to be general wear and tear. This, of course, depends on your policy and any warranties you might have on the roof.

After the 10-year mark, though, any reimbursement property owners receive will likely be based on the diminishing or depreciated value of the roof. This means the insurance company will evaluate the roof based on its age and the amount of wear and tear it’s experienced, and both factors will result in a decreased value of your roof and decreased payout potential for a replacement.

No matter what the situation is with your roof damage, it’s important you report the information promptly. This is important for the practical reason of getting your claim started and your roof inspected as soon as possible, but also for proving to the insurer that you took the problem seriously and did not let the damage fester. It will reflect poorly on you if you knowingly let a problem worsen before contacting someone for inspection or repairs.

Insurance companies might require you to get an estimate from a licensed roofing contractor to determine the cost and need of repairs and replacement, or they might send out their own estimators to determine those costs. Make sure you get copies of all of these quotes in writing and keep them for your own files so you can refer to them in your ensuing claim as needed.

If you have any further questions about how to proceed with an insurance claim for commercial roof replacement in Springfield, MA, we encourage you to contact R & H Roofing, LLP and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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