When’s the Best Time to Recoat Your Roof?

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The maintenance and inspection of your business’s roof might not be at the forefront of your mind—but maybe it should be. No matter your industry, taking care of the building that contains both your product and your employees should be a priority. This includes recoating your roof.

An important aspect of flat roof maintenance is applying a roof coating regularly, every two to four years. Doing so is an effective form of preventative maintenance that can stave off severe problems down the line. But recoating your flat roof is anything but simple, and this article will cover some of the factors to consider before getting started.

How do you know if your roof needs recoating?

Flat roofs of commercial businesses typically need more maintenance than residential sloped roofs. This is because they can be subject to “ponding,” which is the accumulation of water on various spots of the roof. This drainage issue can seep down below the top level of the roof and cause damage to the PVC below. Therefore, it’s important to stay ahead of any problems.

Any leaking or telltale signs of structural damage to your roof are glaring signs that you need to have it recoated. But if it’s been two years or more since your last roof recoating, you should definitely have it inspected by roofing experts.

What factors into when you should have your roof recoated?

As far as flat roof maintenance and roof coating go, there are several variables that can affect when would be the best time to have your business’s roof recoated.

  • If your roof has significant damage: Any major damage to your roof should be remedied before you begin recoating it. While a recoating could address minor damage, it would be better for the long-term health of your roof to have major issues fixed beforehand.
  • What type of coating you are electing to use: Different types of coats have different guidelines as far as when to apply them and what function they serve. A little research here would go a long way, though you could just ask a roofing professional for what they would recommend.
  • What the local climate is like: If you live in Southern California, winter would be a good time to recoat your roof, but if you live in Massachusetts, the frigid temperatures and likelihood of snow in winter will prevent you from successfully recoating your roof. Your main concerns are temperature and precipitation. High winds are not conducive to recoating your roof, and any extreme weather (like extremely hot or cold temperatures) can present a legitimate problem.

The verdict

The best time of year to apply a roof coating in Springfield, MA is the spring or the fall. You should aim for temperatures between 55℉ and 80℉, with no rain for two days before and after application. This is not a hard and fast rule, and you should check with your local roofing professionals for their take on the situation.

Call to have your business’s roof recoated today

Now that you know the best time of year in the Northeast to have your commercial building’s roof recoated, give R & H Roofing, LLP a call. We’re the experts when it comes to roof maintenance, and we want to help you make your roof stand the test of time.

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