Make Your Commercial Roof Last with These Tips

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It’s important to make sure your commercial roof lasts as long as possible by providing it with routine maintenance. Commercial and industrial roof maintenance should include routine cleaning and inspections. A roof that’s not properly maintained can become compromised over time. Avoid this by following all the commercial roofing maintenance tips provided below:

  • Don’t walk on the roof: Walking on a roof can cause unnecessary wear and tear. It’s best to avoid walking on a roof at all, if possible. To preserve the longevity of your roof, keep people off of it.
  • Schedule routine roof inspections: Most experts recommend having a professional roofer inspect your commercial or industrial roof at least twice a year. During an inspection, a roofer will check your roof for any issues that need fixing. This could include leaks, sagging and weak spots. It’s important to find these issues before they get worse, thus resulting in the need for expensive repairs.
  • Take care of repairs right away: Don’t ever put off repairs. Even a small leak could turn into a major issue over time. If you avoid certain repairs long enough, your roof might need a full replacement. Not only that, but small cracks and holes in your commercial roof will let in moisture, which could promote water damage and the growth of mold.
  • Clean your commercial roof: Routine commercial roof cleaning is important in avoiding mold growth, clogs and plenty of other issues. Cleaning should include removing debris and patches of mildew. Cleaning a roof can be dangerous, which is why it’s best to work with a professional. You never want to try and climb onto a roof by yourself.
  • Clear away snow: Many areas of the United States get a lot of snow during the winter months. If you live in one of those areas, be sure to clear away snow after a snowstorm. After a while, heavy snow on a commercial roof could result in leaks and ice dams. As with roof cleaning, it’s best to leave clearing snow to a professional.
  • Unclog your gutters and drains: You don’t want water accumulating on your roof. The best way of avoiding this is by ensuring your roof drainage systems work at maximum efficiency. Have a professional clear your gutters from time to time. It’s also good to routinely check your gutters for leaks, cracks and other damage.
  • Prune the branches above your commercial building: One storm could make a large branch fall on your commercial building, resulting in a severely damaged roof. Contact a professional arborist to prune your trees on a regular basis. Regular pruning is also important in keeping your trees healthy.

Finding the right roofer

As mentioned above, you’ll want to find a good roofer for routine commercial and industrial roofing maintenance, inspections and repairs. Be sure to find a roofing company with plenty of experience in inspecting commercial roofs. Look for a company that offers great customer service, fair prices and top-quality workmanship.

If you’re a business owner in need of high-quality roofing service, contact R & H Roofing, LLP. Our services include commercial roof inspections, installations and repairs.

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