Metal vs. Asphalt Roofing: What You Need to Know

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If your business or industrial facility needs a new roof, then it’s important to do your own research ahead of time. There are more options on the market for roofing materials than ever before, and it can be hard to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, two of the most popular options in our area are asphalt and metal, and knowing the differences between metal roofs vs. shingles in a cold climate is something all building owners should be aware of.

Read on for more insight into how these materials can benefit you in different ways.

Differences in cost

This is everyone’s first question when it comes to metal vs. asphalt roofing, so we like to address it first. As a general rule of thumb, metal roofing is going to cost you more money up front. Interestingly, the price of asphalt fluctuates with the price of oil, since that’s a major component of its production, but it tends to be cheaper than metal regardless.

This difference in cost has traditionally been a significant one, but the gap is closing thanks to cheaper production costs of metal roofing components. When it comes to differences in maintenance prices, it’s important to understand that metal roofs rarely need repairs once they’re properly installed. When repairs are needed, they tend to be quite specialized and thus more costly. Conversely, asphalt roofing is both cheaper to install and repair.

Differences in durability

When weighing the long-term durability of metal roofing vs. shingles in cold climates, the choice is clear: Metal is king. While it’s higher initial cost can steer some customers away, it’s an easy decision if longevity is your main concern.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, can fail for any number of reasons. They are susceptible to pooling water, which can cause myriad issues ranging from algae and fungus growth to ice dams and temperature swings that can cause cracking and shifting. Those wintertime dams and fluctuations are quite familiar to residents in cold climates, so asphalt shingles can really take a beating here.

Differences in sustainability

Every business these days wants to go green, and we encourage that initiative. When considering the differences in metal vs. asphalt roofing, metal materials come out ahead in environmental friendliness. Asphalt shingles can’t really be reused once they’re removed, and they cause a lot of landfill space to be taken up.

Metal, on the other hand, is endlessly recyclable. If your metal roof ever needs replacing (unlikely in your lifetime), then you can rest assured that it will have a future as a car or a refrigerator or some other metal good. Finally, metal roofs come out ahead on heating and cooling costs; they retain heat in the winter and reflect it in the summer.

Deciding on installing metal roofing vs. shingles in a cold climate really comes down to what you value. Asphalt is the more affordable choice, while metal comes out ahead on longevity and environmental friendliness. To learn more about which is the right call for your business, call our team at R & H Roofing, LLP today.

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