Roofing and Adding a Vapor Barrier

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The roof is one of the most important parts of a property and keeping it safe and secure keeps your property and the possessions within safe and secure as well. Moisture is hazardous to any roof and can lead to structural damage and expensive repairs. The installation of a vapor retarder can help protect your roof from moisture. So, what is a vapor retarder? It is a material that is part of your roof designed to prevent moisture from entering the roofing system.

Vapor Barrier Installation

When is a vapor barrier needed? This is an essential consideration as it is not as common as you may think and many roofs are built without the installation of a vapor barrier. The need for a vapor barrier can be more complex than it first appears. Changes in construction, design, and standards have also increased the complexity of vapor barrier needs and installation. The old concept was that a vapor barrier should be installed above wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens or in locations that have cold winters. Generally, in modern building design, the following three factors can tell you if you need a vapor barrier.

  • Building Use: You should consider the use of the building to see if a vapor barrier should be installed. If a building makes use of HVAC cooling or is in an environment where condensation can occur, a vapor barrier should be installed. Even with a good design plan, moisture can still collect due to a variety of outside factors.
  • The Building Design: There are factors in a building’s design that can cause it to collect moisture and condensation. For example, in commercial construction, additions such as fireproofing, heating systems, exterior painting, and more can increase condensation. A vapor barrier can keep the roof and interior of the property safe.
  • Construction Materials and Seasons: Construction occurs during every season and every day of the year. This can cause issues as some material is unsuitable for certain weather conditions but is used in the construction anyway. Some material does not dry or set well in very cold weather and this can lead to issues even when the job is completed. Proper installation of a vapor barrier can help prevent damage due to moisture entering the building due to material problems.

Final Thoughts

Preventing issues before they can occur can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. A vapor barrier can help keep the moisture out, which keeps the interior of your roofing system dry. Water and moisture are one of the most damaging elements a roof can encounter and preventing this can help protect you from expensive repairs.

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