How To Care For PVC Roofs

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 A roof is a huge investment you make into your home or business. However, you need to be aware that once your roof is installed, the work is not necessarily over. If you want your roof to last for many years, the care and maintenance you put into it will be crucial.

This quick guide will provide helpful information on PVC roof maintenance and how to extend your roof’s life. Let’s get started.

Why Is PVC Roof Maintenance So Important?

There are several reasons why roof maintenance is important. Here are some of the most significant reasons.

  • It is necessary to keep the surface white to provide the max in reflectivity. This is hugely connected with energy conservation.
  • Removing debris cuts down on the occurrence of algae or other plant growth, which can cause damage to the roof over time.
  • Removing debris also discourages the gathering of pests and animals on your roof, which can ultimately cause damage.
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance cut down on the accumulation of chemical contaminants which could cause damage or affect the health and safety of others.

Safety Considerations for Roof Maintenance

Because there is a risk of roof membrane damage during maintenance and cleaning, certain safety precautions must be observed.

  • Hire trained professionals to help with cleaning and maintenance
  • Follow all fall safety requirements
  • Test exterior facades to ensure that runoff cleaning solutions will not harm the material
  • Allow for runoff control so that people, plants, and animals are not harmed 

Routine Cleaning

Several factors will determine how often the roof should be cleaned. Primarily you will want to consider the environmental contaminants that the roof is exposed to, how often it rains in the area, the dirt and debris accumulation, and the roof slope. A roofing expert will be able to give you guidance on how often to clean the roof.

When cleaning, it is recommended to use a low pressure washer to clean off the first layer of dirt and debris. A soft bristled, long-handled brush or even a floor broom can be used along with a cleaning solution that is safe for the material.

Rinse the roof completely with low pressure.

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance of the PVC roof will include annual inspections for damage. A professional should evaluate the roof membranes to ensure that all membranes have retained their integrity. Damage can happen during storms, high winds, or even just because of age. Animals can also cause damage to roof membranes.

If there is damage to the roof, it is critical to repair the damage quickly. When it comes to roof damage, a small problem can quickly grow into a large and expensive problem in a short amount of time.

Roof cleaning and maintenance are often best completed by a professional. If you are in need of routine roof cleaning and maintenance, reach out to a roofing specialist in your area.

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