What Makes a Commercial Roofing Company in Springfield, MA Different from a Residential Company?

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Roofers come with all levels of experience, and as a building owner, you specifically want a roofer that specializes in commercial roofing to work on your property. A commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA has different qualifications than a residential roofing company and needs to know the different materials as well as the installation techniques required for commercial roofs.

Different materials and techniques

A commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA should have a good understanding of the types of roofs that are typically used in commercial spaces. They should be able to properly install, repair and remove these roofing materials and be intimately aware of how they work on your building’s surface.

Roofs such as metal, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), tile and built-up are common for commercial buildings, and a commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA will have experience installing and repairing all of these roof types.

The way a commercial roof is designed also differs from residential homes, making it imperative that your commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA understands how weather can affect these roofs, as well as how any equipment that is placed on it will affect it. Commercial roofs are typically low and flat, requiring special techniques when it comes to installation and repairs. Working with a roofing company that doesn’t have experience in dealing with commercial roofs can cause damage to your building’s roof or cause it to have a shorter lifespan.

Other commercial considerations

When a commercial roof is installed, special considerations need to be taken into account that you just don’t require a residential roofing company to have. Exhaust pipes, air inlets and piping all need to be worked around, requiring special cutting and fitting to make the roofing material work properly. An inexperienced roofer could leave your building’s roof exposed or open to damage if the proper cutting techniques are not incorporated into the roof installation process.

A commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA also needs to have special tools and equipment in order to access and work on a commercial roofing space. Working with a roofing company that is unprepared to tackle a commercial roof will result in failure and injury that could make you liable as a building owner. It is always best to hire a professional commercial roofing company that is experienced in building roofs and has many years of service in this arena.

Like residential roofers, commercial roofing companies in Springfield, MA need to be fully licensed in order to perform that work on your building. This doesn’t mean that they are specifically licensed in commercial roofs, so be sure to research their experience level in the commercial space.

By choosing a commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA that is knowledgeable about building roofs, you can ensure your business gets the quality roof installation it needs to last for many years to come. Contact R & H Roofing LLP for all your commercial roofing work. We are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial roofing systems, and look forward to working on your project.

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