Professional Tips on Maintaining a Flat Roof from a Commercial Roofing Company in Springfield, MA

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To get the most out of your flat roof, you should be regularly inspecting your roof for problems, fixing little things yourself before they become big things and getting a professional to look things over every once in a while. If you make habits of doing these things, you can get years more life out of your roof.

Below are the most common maintenance issues for a commercial roof and some suggested solutions from R & H Roofing LLP, a commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA.

Ponding water

As a roofing company in Springfield, MA, we have to know the area, and on average, Springfield receives 46 inches of rain per year. When water does not evaporate or drain from your roof, it is often a sign that something is wrong with your roof drainage system—clogged gutters or drains, for example. Make sure to remove all debris—leaves, muck, etc.––from your roof and drainage system. If this simple fix doesn’t solve your problem with ponding water, you may have a structural issue with your roof, and should then call a commercial flat roof installer to inspect and fix your roof.


Roof blisters—air bubbles in the surface of your roof—are very common. They form when a little liquid is able to work its way between layers of your roof, stretching the roof surface, and then evaporates, leaving behind the blister. This is nothing to worry about, as long as you don’t ignore them too long. Take care of them as soon as you notice them and your roof will stay stronger for longer. To fix a blister:

  • Cut the blister open and leave it to dry.
  • Then, fill the opened blister with roofing cement, and close the slit up by putting roofing nails on both sides of the cut, then add more roofing cement to the top of the slit and the nail heads.
  • Put a patch of roofing material over the whole area. The patch should be large enough to safely cover the entire effected area. Nail the patch down and again put roofing cement on the nail heads and around the patch.
  • One additional note: The above step is also effective for patching small leaks.


As with blistering, cracking is a common problem with a simple fix. It’s caused by damage the sun’s rays do to your roof coating. Another common cause is too much weight on your roof, often some heavy piece of equipment that should not be stored up there. Painting your roof with reflective asphalt paint is a simple way to reseal and protect your roof.

Snow buildup

Snow poses a special challenge to your flat roof, because it can get stuck there, melting and refreezing until it’s a heavy and difficult-to-clear block of ice. If you get a lot of snow all at once—say, a foot or so in a single storm—it’s a good idea to clear your roof of snow, or rather to pay someone to do it for you. It can get pretty dangerous up there with all that ice and snow.

Work with the best roofing company in Springfield, MA

As a commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA, R & H Roofing LLP has been helping business and industry owners for years with their commercial roofing needs. We’re happy to answer any question you have about your commercial flat roof. And if you’ve got a problem you don’t feel up to tackling on your own, we’ve got your back there, too. Give us a call!

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