Some Facts You Should Know About Commercial Roofing Insulation

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It would be difficult to put the value of commercial roofing insulation into a single number, but let us try. Each year, owners of commercial buildings save nearly $10 billion dollars in electricity and heating costs because of their buildings’ insulation—and thereby decrease the total amount of energy our country uses each year by about 15 percent!

Those numbers are staggering, but undoubtedly there is more energy and more money to be saved, and working with commercial roofing contractors in Springfield, MA can help you locate potential areas for improvement in your building. There are a number of under-insulated commercial buildings and commercial roofs. Below are more facts you should know about commercial roofing insulation:

  • Different insulations for different climate: When picking commercial roofing insulation, it is important to consider your local climate, as different roof insulations are better suited for particular climates. For example, HD coverboard can handle hail and ice, and tapered polyiso can prevent water from collecting or puddling on your roof, while gypsum board isn’t ideal at either task.
  • Reflective roofing is a must for all climates: Reflective roofing is a must. It’s especially well suited for southern climates, where you’ll notice a dramatic difference in cooling costs. It will also save you money in cooler climates, though perhaps not as noticeably.
  • Ever-increasing insulation requirements: Over the last five or so years, the industrial building code requirements for the R-value of insulation (a number that’s reflective of an insulation resistance to heat at a given thickness) have increased from and R-value of 20 to an R-value of 30 here in Massachusetts. You can future-proof your building by insulating at even greater R-values.
  • For a flat roof, consider rigid insulation: We offer polyisocyanurate, HD coverboard, fiberboard and tapered insulation from a variety of trusted brands.

Commercial roofing insulation is a crucial part in any industrial roofing system. As utilities are often one of the most significant costs of any commercial enterprise, especially in manufacturing and technology, it makes sense to look for long-term savings in this area. Making sure your commercial building and commercial roofing are well insulated is a proven way to significantly decrease the amount of energy you and your business use, which will save you money year after year.

As standards for commercial and residential insulation continue to increase, we’ll see our country’s energy use for heating and cooling continuing to decrease correspondingly. Clearly, in the light of the numbers we mentioned earlier, commercial insulation will play a big part in our collective fight to waste less energy.

R & H Roofing, among the most trusted commercial roofing contractors in Springfield, MA, sells and installs a variety of roofing insulation materials from all of today’s top brands. As commercial roofing contractors in the area for the last 30 years, we’ve built our reputation on providing the most reliable service around. Whether we’re repairing roofs, installing insulation or drainage systems or just clearing snow, we do everything to the best of our ability, always going the extra mile to satisfy our customers. If you’re interested in learning more about commercial roofing insulation, or what it would take to get your commercial building fully up to code, please give us a call today!

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