Getting Your Commercial Roof Fall 2018 Ready in Springfield, MA

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It might not feel like it just yet, but fall weather will be here again before you know it! The high winds and dropping temperatures associated with autumn won’t be too kind to your commercial roof. Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped roof, you’ll need to prepare it for the upcoming season. The good news is that commercial roofers can help you do just that. Continue reading to learn a few of the services R & H Roofing offers that’ll guarantee your roof makes it through the rest of 2018 (and into 2019) without any big issues.

Have an inspection

Any professional roofing company in Springfield, MA will tell you that the best way to get your roof ready for fall is to call them for an inspection. A professional will be able to identify and fix any flaws in your roof that could lead to leaks or other severe issues down the road. Though paying for an inspection will set you back a little bit now, we guarantee you that an inspection is much less expensive than paying for emergency repairs.

Fix flashing

The flashing that covers seams and surrounds your chimney and skylights is vital for keeping out rain, snow, sleet and all of the other nasty elements. The problem is that flashing can get pretty dinged up throughout the year due to adverse weather. Now is the perfect time of year to have a professional fix any flashing that looks damaged or out of place. Repairing your flashing now will prevent leaks and other problems during the autumn and winter.

Clean the gutters

There’s one thing that everyone knows about gutters—they need to be cleaned out. Cleaning leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters in the spring and fall helps ensure that you don’t have leaks, a sagging roof or even foundation problems. You could clean your gutters by yourself, but who has time for that? Call a professional roofing company in Springfield, MA to clean out your gutters as soon as possible!

Clear off debris

Your gutters aren’t the only things that need to be cleaned when it comes to your roofing. Now is the perfect time to clear off any standing debris from your whole roof. Whether it’s debris from fallen tree limbs or just simple piles of leaves, hire a professional to remove it. Getting rid of that debris lessens the chance that your roof will leak during the winter when the snow starts coming down. Feel free to give us a call to help remove any debris that’s too big for you to get rid of on your own. After all, we’re professionals when it comes to roof cleaning!

Don’t trust those other guys to care for your roof this season—call R & H Roofing for all of your commercial roofing needs. From simple cleaning to inspection and repairs, we’re the number one commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA. Give us a call today to learn more about our services or to get a quote.

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