The Most Popular Commercial Roofing Materials

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Commercial roofs come in many forms to fit the needs of business owners. No matter what your budget is or what kind of business you run, you want to invest in a quality roof. That’s because the roof is your first line of defense against Mother Nature and will protect the building from wind, rain and snow. It also may be the first part of the building people notice, so having a well-maintained and attractive roof is just a good business practice.

Before you go hunting for a commercial roofing company in Springfield, MA to install a new roof on your building, you’ll want to consider exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of the most common materials chosen for commercial roofs:

  • Modified bitumen: This uses a combination of reinforced roof fabric and layers of bitumen, typically attached to the commercial rooftop to create excellent stability and maximum protection. Maintenance and cleaning is easy, meaning you’ll never have to worry about inspection. The strength of modified bitumen is also considerable compared to other materials.
  • Built-up roofing membrane: This is also known as BUR, and is the standard tar-and-gravel roof, which is built with several layers. This is a very flexible type of roofing used on a variety of buildings and will help you keep costs down.
  • Thermoplastic roofing membrane: This is a lightweight and reflective surface that’s ideal for protecting against harmful UV rays. It’s a durable material that resists chemicals, tears, oils and bacteria. Any kind of business that emits oil or fat via a ventilation system, such as a restaurant or food processing plant, could benefit from this type of roofing.
  • Metal: This is a common choice because there are a variety of types of metal that can fit your needs and budget. From copper and aluminum to stainless steel and tin, metal is a popular choice. It offers an attractive look, but does have issues with durability due to rusting.
  • Thermoset roof membrane: This durable and versatile material is also easy to install and repair. It will resist UV and ozone rays and offers excellent performance in cold temperatures.
  • Green roofing: This latest technology is growing in popularity, as it’s a sustainable option for businesses. These roofs manage water and drainage while also acting as an energy-efficient solution. If you want to enjoy both environmental and economic benefits, this could be your best choice.

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