How To Inspect Your Commercial Roof

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How To Inspect Your Commercial Roof

The roof is one of the most crucial elements in your commercial building. It protects your building and its contents from harsh weather and changing temperatures. The key to maintaining your roof is regular inspections and minimal maintenance. This can help prevent costly problems due to changing seasons and temperatures.

Check The Surface

There are many different types of commercial roofs, and their design differs from those found in residential buildings. The materials they are made from vary, too, depending on the requirements of a specific building. If your commercial roof is prone to high or low temperatures, you’ll want a material that can stand up to those extremes. Some of the best options include metal cladding with insulation, which can help prevent heat loss or damage to a building’s interior. When inspecting a commercial roof, you’ll want to look at the surface of each of its slopes and shapes. Once you’ve sketched these out on a pad, measure the outside dimensions of each one. This will allow you to calculate the square footage of each shape’s surface area. And, it will also give you a rough idea of how much material your roof is going to require. Then you’ll be ready to bid on the job or order materials.

Check The Structure

Commercial roofs are a complex structure with multiple layers that play an important role in the function of your roof. Understanding the structure of your roof can help you identify potential problems before they become major concerns. There are several types of commercial roofs including shingles, standing seam panels, and metal sheets. Each type of roofing system has its own unique set of benefits. The best roofing material for you depends on the needs of your business. For example, a building with heavy equipment will need a more robust roof to support the weight. There are also numerous other factors to consider when deciding on the best roof for your needs. Some of these include the size of your budget, the lifespan you need the roof to last, and the climate in which your building is located. The best way to find out which roof will work best for you is to get in touch with a qualified commercial roofing company for a free inspection.

Check The Interior

The interior of your commercial roof is a great place to spot telltale signs of roof problems. Feel the walls around vents, chimneys, and ceiling projections for damp areas that indicate leaks and check drywall or drop ceilings for stains and discoloration. If your commercial roof is a metal clad with insulation, you may want to consider installing a ridge vent. These devices improve air circulation by allowing humid and warm air to naturally escape the top of your structure. A roof ridge vent is not the same as the one you see on a residential home, but it is the most technologically advanced of its kind.

Check The Drainage System

A commercial roof’s drainage system should quickly move water from the roof surface into drains or gutters. If this is not the case, pools of water on the roof can cause severe damage to the roofing system or building interior. Ponding on the roof can also overload a roof’s weight capacity, causing it to collapse. Backup drains can mitigate this problem by directing rainwater away from the main drain when it can’t drain quickly enough. There are several different commercial roof drain systems available today. Gutters are the most common, although scuppers and edge drains are available for some flat roofs as well.

Call A Professional

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